Cooling Tower Services

Equipment Inspections

Inspections of your cooling tower systems can help avoid unplanned downtime and allow projects to be worked into your budgets.  Whether you have one or twenty cooling towers, we have people well trained and equipped to inspect all components of your cooling towers.  Typical inspections come with a report that includes photos and any recommended repairs.  Contact Hedrick Associates today for your free cooling tower inspection!

Startup & Owners Training Services

Most new cooling towers include a factory authorized startup and owner’s training.  We can provide training for operators/maintenance personnel on existing systems as well.  Contact Hedrick Associates today to ensure that your staff knows how to keep your cooling tower system running strong & efficient!


Is your cooling tower system in disarray? Help restore original efficiency with a refurbishment of your cooling tower.  Repairs can include fill media replacement, drift eliminator replacement, basin replacement, sidewall replacement, urethane basin coatings and mechanical component replacements.  To protect against corrosion, we can apply basin coatings which are two-part urethanes that cure to form a rubber like lining.  Contact Hedrick Associates today to get your cooling tower system efficiency restored and extend the life of your equipment!

Capacity Upgrades

Is your cooling tower system not providing cool enough water or do you have future needs for increased cooling capacity?  Often times we can provide capacity increases by changing the mechanicals (fan motor, gearbox, fan) to move more airflow.  We have ratings programs that will give us predictions for performance based on changing certain things in the cooling tower.  Contact Hedrick Associates today to get more capacity out of your cooling tower!

PM & Cleaning Programs

We can help you develop a preventative maintenance program for your cooling tower system.  Our staff is also capable of performing the preventative maintenance and tower cleanings for you.  Contact Hedrick Associates today to ensure your cooling tower system stays running at peak efficiency!