Flo Fab

Flo Fab was established in 1981 and offers a wide range of products available directly from one manufacturer.  This includes pumps & pump packages, tanks, heat exchangers & hydronic accessories.

Flo Fab introduced a Universal Single-Stage Single-Suction pump with an original structure and more advanced technologies than any other pump.  This XRI series pump can be installed to accommodate many different piping configurations, as seen in the video below.  This series of pumps was developed on the basis of energy efficiency and ease of install/serviceability. The pumps have a Single-Suction impeller for lower flow requirement and has the best efficiency and stable performance with balanced axial and radial forces. Compared with other types of pumps, it has noticeable higher cavitation performance and its efficiency is 2-5% higher. The great feature of these pumps is being able to service the pump parts without removing the pump casing and the electric motor from the system, saving you time and money.




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