Power Systems

Rack Mount UPS Systems
Centralized UPS Systems
Single Phase UPS Systems
Three Phase UPS Systems
Fixed Capacity UPS Systems
Modular/Scalable UPS Systems
Lithium Ion DC Plants
Flywheel DC Plants
Local Factory Service and Support

Unit Substations
Medium Voltage Switchgear
Low Voltage Switchgear
Paralleling Gear
Custom Distribution Assemblies
Rack Power Distribution
Busway Power Distribution
Medium and Low Voltage Transformers
Harmonic Mitigating Transformers
Ultra-High Efficiency Transformers
Automatic Transfer Switches
Surge Protection Devices
Generator Paralleling Gear
Power Factor Correction
Packaged Arc Flash Mitigation

Energy Management
Power Quality Software
High Performance Power Quality Monitors
Multi-function Switchboard
Advanced Revenue Meters
Energy Monitoring/Sub Metering
Single Function Switchboard
Power Metering

Panel / External Mount
Type 1 and Type 2 Devices
Modular / Serviceable Systems
Direct Strike Rated Devices
Indoor/Outdoor Enclosed Options
Integrated Power Monitoring
Active Power Disconnecting Devices
Data/Coaxial Surge Suppression
Industrial/DIN Rail Surge Suppression