Thermal Sustainability

Sustainability without Compromise

Hedrick offers many HVAC and specialty thermal management solutions having unique sustainability benefits.  Our manufacturers have proven track records of product performance and reliability and share a common mindset of achieving a sustainable result without compromising their legacy of quality.  Examples of these include:

  • Vertiv’s Liebert DSE datacenter cooling system that features a water-free pumped refrigerant economizer that provides industry leading efficiency. The Liebert DSE saves approximately 4 million of gallons of water annually when cooling a 1MW data center, as compared to using a chilled water system.   Along with water savings, the Liebert DSE can improve energy efficiency in data centers up 50% higher than traditional systems.
  • Armstrong’s Design Envelope Pumping:  Design Envelope is a holistic approach to fluid flow management ensures the harmonization required to create the most energy efficient solution available. Design Envelope solutions reduce pumping costs through variable speed, demand-based operation — consuming only the energy required, based on current system demand.  This technology ensures a building’s pumping system consumes as little energy as possible. It also ensures that the installation meets or exceeds ashrae 90.1 guidelines requiring 70% energy savings at 50% of peak load.  Since 2007, Design Envelope installations have saved clients approximately 1,183,741,650 kWH of electricity over what they would spend utilizing traditional pump selections and controlling technologies.
  • Flowtech’s Chemical-Free Water Treatment System:  Flow-Tech reduces the HVAC burden on the environment and municipalities by maintaining heat transfer efficiency, protecting the life of equipment, and simultaneously eliminating chemicals in discharge water, reducing water consumption, and eliminating the manufacture, packaging, transport, storage, and disposal of toxic chemicals.  The product is a revolutionary breakthrough in water management—using technology derived from years of research by a team of petrochemical engineers and scientists, Flow-Tech Systems has created the most technologically advanced chemical-free water treatment system that saves money while conserving natural resources. By increasing the water reuse in cooling systems, or cycles of concentration, customers can greatly reduce the amount of water consumed in evaporative cooling applications. This translates to significantly reduced potable water fees, and sewer fees can be greatly reduced or even eliminated.

Explore more of our sustainability-focused products highlighted below.  You can click on the button shown to learn more about the specific product and the manufacturer’s sustainability initiatives.