Air Solution Company

Air intake filter/screens from Air Solution Company help mechanical equipment run clean and efficient all season long.  These air intake filters, most commonly used for cottonwood problems, are compatible with all equipment makes and models because they are custom made to fit each piece of equipment.  From cooling towers, air cooled chillers and condensers, rooftop units, louver panels and other HVAC air intake systems, Air Solution Company has a specifically engineered filter for your needs.  Contact Hedrick Associates today to get a quote for air inlet filters on any of your equipment!

Track Mount Installation & Easy Cleaning

This video demonstrates that Cottonwood Filter Screens with the Track Mount Kit are easy to install, remove and clean.

Pulley Mount Filter Screen

This video demonstrates the Pulley Mount Air Inlet Filter Screen mounted to a cooling tower and being lowered by one person into the heavy duty, fiber reinforced vinyl cover for protection during the off-season. Notice how quick and easy the process is. When Spring arrives, the filters raise into position in under 5 minutes.