2018 Sustainable Heat Transfer Design + Product show

Performance with disregard to sustainability. Sustainability with disregard to performance. Neither scenario provides the necessary balance of reliable performance with reduced impact on operational costs or the surrounding environment.

Too many times the pendulum swings too far in one direction, as the focus of engineered system designs are impulsively driven by short-term business initiatives, consumer demands, and consumer perceptions. However, achieving balance between sound design and sustainable performance provides the best long-term return on investment for facility managers and business owners. Higher performing and more reliable products may cost more, but the expectations is that they will last longer. More effective control technologies and a new look at equipment size or configuration selections can offer the benefits of operational cost reductions and lesser environmental impact.

That is the objective of the sustainability without performance compromise concept, and the focus of this seminar series brought to you by Hedrick Associates. We will focus on a variety of hydronic products, control technologies, selection techniques, and configuration options that provide results that meet the performance expectations of facility managers, yet also achieves the reduced cost of operation and environmental impact goals of those tasked with business sustainability.

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Sustainable Heat Seminar 2018