New Product Line!

Hedrick Associates is happy to announce the addition of a new product line to our electrical offering portfolio.   As of April 2017, Hedrick Associates is now the exclusive factory representative in Western Michigan, Northern Michigan, and Northern Indiana for TRC Industrial.

TRC Industrial provides the skills and tools to keep employees safe and production lines running 24/7 through innovative equipment and services, including safety training, technical documentation, and electrical safety solutions.

The core product offering of TRC Industrial is the P1 Arc Flash Relay System.  The P1 Arc Flash Relay System is an industrial control cabinet that is designed to limit the amount of arc flash incident energy available at specific locations.  It detects the light and current associated with an arc flash event and removes energy by activating an upstream circuit breaker through the shunt trip mechanism.  Through an arc flash hazard analysis, the P1 Arc Flash Relay System can reduce the arc flash energy to less than 1.2 cal/cm.

The P1 Arc Flash Relay System is an externally connected industrial control cabinet and is installed external to switchgear, switchboards, panelboards, MCCs, industrial machines, or other industrial control cabinets.

Find out more about this great product line here.