Now the exclusive factory representative for Electro Industries/Gaugetech!

Hedrick Associates is excited to bring Electro Industries/Gaugetech (EIG) on board and combine their offering with our Power Division portfolio of products. We view metering, trending, and predictive analysis solutions as essential tools needed for the optimization of facility operation and planning. Comprehensive energy and power quality management for commercial buildings provides a facility manager the means to identify areas within buildings that waste energy and pose disruption potential. In addition, using software as an energy awareness tool affects energy user behavior. This can result in up to a 15% savings in energy costs, which tends to persist over time. Along with the need to eliminate the costs due to wasted energy, the need for reliable power running your factory is also essential. Factory downtime = lost revenue. With EIG meters giving you access to PQ information at the point a problem occurs, and the™ cloud solution predicting energy usage for the factory, you can be proactive in addressing problems before they occur, avoiding downtime and the lost revenue it causes. And EIG’s meters let you perform detailed forensic analysis of any electrical anomaly problems that occur. EIG energy management for industrial clients allow you to study what went wrong in order to prevent it the next time.
We at Hedrick Associates look forward to the opportunity to work with all of our valued clients to better achieve energy management and power quality awareness with EIG solutions. Please reach out to us for more information!