Weil-Mclain Boiler Day

Weil-McLain will present a boiler product overview of the legendary commercial cast iron boilers and high efficiency non-condensing boilers. This presentation will include the new release of the SVF 750 and SVF 1100.

These new products include industry leading efficiency and a unique design that will redefine the Stainless-Steel Fire Tube boiler industry. There will be two high efficiency non-condensing boilers on display for all to see: A Slim Fit 750 and the new SVF 750. We will also have boiler control modules so you can see how easy it is to configure a Weil-McLain boiler.

Additionally, Weil-McLain will compare and contrast the key attributes of commercial high efficiency condensing boilers and standard efficiency water boilers. This discussion will hinge on what makes modern high efficiency boilers so much more efficient than their predecessors, and what is different from other boiler designs.

Other topics will include the true drivers of boiler efficiency, and what design factors enhance the longevity of high efficiency condensing boilers and standard efficiency boilers. Finally, Weil-McLain will review concepts pertaining to hybrid boiler plants, and the benefits of their application.

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Weil Mclain Boiler Day Invite