IT Division

Four Post Racks
Sealed, Self-Contained Racks
Custom Datacenter Racks
Quick Ship Standard Racks
Cable Management
Colocation Cages
Aisle Containment

Rack Mount UPS Systems
Centralized UPS Systems
Single Phase UPS Systems
Three Phase UPS Systems
Fixed Capacity UPS Systems
Modular/Scalable UPS Systems
Lithium Ion DC Plants
Flywheel DC Plants
Local Factory Service and Support

Rack Power Distribution
Packaged Three Phase Power Distribution
Busway Power Distribution
Rack Power Switching
Static Bus Power Transfer Switching
Automatic Transfer Switches
Computer Room Power Cable Assemblies

Self Contained Computer
Room Enclosure Solutions
Self Contained Computer
Room Outdoor Containers

Monitoring and Management Software
Power/Energy Monitoring
kVM Switching
Serial Consoles
Room Enclosure Solutions
Advanced Battery Monitoring