Gas Coolers

In order to best meet the needs of efficiency and lower environmental impact, in industrial refrigeration and air conditioning plants, Thermokey is able to offer the best solution to specific needs with the heat exchangers dedicated to the widespread CO2 market.

The use of CO2, as an alternative to traditional refrigerants, is now known and appreciated thanks to its peculiar thermophysical properties and in particular, the finned pack exchangers provide wide design flexibility in order to make the most of the heat exchange potential offered by CO2: maximization of heat exchange, minimization of energy consumption for air circulation, minimization of the area of the exchange surface or of the size of the exchanger.

The GWP (Global Warming Potential) of CO2 is the lowest among refrigerants and if compared to HFCs thousands of times lower. Furthermore CO2 does not present specific toxicity and flammability issues that many other refrigerants have and does not impact the ozone layer.

The Thermokey GasCooler range incorporates and exploits all the effectiveness allowed by this refrigerant: the particular geometry used in the exchangers allows optimized solutions by combining the possible construction and operating requirements of the product.