QCC3 Air-Cooled Scroll Condensing Unit 80-160 Tons

Quantech™ QCC3 fits air conditioning applications that use direct expansion central air handling. The QCC3 has a higher capacity range and is designed for outdoor installation (roof or ground level). Its hermetic scroll compressors off fewer moving parts and a weather resistant control center. This air-cooled condensing unit has the highest efficiency for its capacity range.

  • Shared Engineering Expertise in features to Quantech’s other air-cooled condensing units
  • Smart Equipment capable with BAS communications
  • Durability with pre-coated condenser coils, epoxy coated condenser coils service isolation valves, various wire / louver combinations
  • Environmental zero-ozone depletion refrigerant (R-410A)
  • Sound reduction with acoustic sound blankets for compressors and ultra-quiet fans