Breath Better With PathogenFocus

We all want our spaces to be as healthy as possible. A healthy environment is critical to the health of our bodies. We spend most of our day sitting indoors. The crucial element in keeping these buildings healthy is to maintain high indoor air quality (IAQ).

How can we help? Utilizing PathogenFocus’ Air Disinfection Biosecurity technology can drastically improve your indoor air quality and mitigate harmful pathogens – including viruses, bacteria, mold and spores. These systems take advantage of the existing air circulation in the building and provide constant, safe and proactive disinfection in the air and on surfaces. ADB technology can drastically improve your building’s IAQ, which will help maintain the healthiest environment possible. The below results are from laboratory testing done in a 2,640 cubic foot room (22 foot width x 12 foot length x 10 foot height):

Airborne Viruses Inactivated in 30 seconds | Airborne Viruses Virtually Undetectable | Consumables Required

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality Today

Our Air Disinfection Biosecurity units provide 24/7 continuous air and surface disinfection, and are scientifically validated to eliminate up to 99.99 percent of common pathogens. It achieves this while generating continuous, chemical-free sanitation. ADB neutralizes airborne and surface microorganisms without leaving any residue. Confirmed through independent third party testing: ADB reduces airborne viruses by 90 percent in 16 seconds, by 99.9 percent in 30 seconds, and by over 99.99 percent in one minute. While our ADB units are integrated into existing HVAC systems., portable units are also available.