Lakos offers filtration solutions for a wide variety of applications available in many different configurations.   They are the leading manufacturer of fluid filtration systems for removing troublesome solids from condenser water, chilled water, hot water and process fluid systems.  Lakos products, such as their centrifugal separators, are the most environmentally efficient method for removing solids from liquids.   Centrifugal separators have no moving parts, very low maintenance, minimal or zero water loss, low and steady pressure drops and help maintain the design efficiency of the system they are serving.  Lakos separators often have a payback period of 1-2 years due to energy savings, water savings, chemical treatment savings and other savings in maintenance and system downtime.  The most effective solids removal is utilizing a full-flow in line separator to catch 100% of the water stream for protection of the critical equipment downstream.  Lakos also offers basin sweeping systems and sidestream systems that are more suited for retrofit applications.  If filtration of fine particles that are not settlable is needed, we have sand media filters that are capable of sub-micron filtration.  How does a Lakos separator work? See the video below.  Contact Hedrick Associates today for solutions to all of your solids handling needs!