Compressed air and water atomisers

Compressed air humidifiers are the ideal humidification solution whenever a compressed air supply is available, as is the case in many industrial applications, even if humidification systems are often fitted with a dedicated air compressor. The humidifier essentially consists of a cabinet fitted with electronic controller that, using two independent connection pipe networks, supplies the spray nozzles with compressed air and water at the ideal pressure for instant operating conditions. The units can be installed inside an AHU or directly in the room where humidity needs to be controlled. The greatest advantage of these atomisers is the minute dimensions of the droplets produced and their thorough mixing in the compressed air that, due to its speed, distributes the aerosol in the room and consequently allows quick absorption. These units can therefore be readily used for direct cooling in rooms, and are ideal for the textile industry, wood and paper processing, and storerooms, where there is almost always a supply of compressed air.

mc multizone features an electronic controller that manages the supply of water and compressed air to the nozzles.

Water atomisation is managed by an external control signal or, in the case of stand-alone control, so as to maintain the humidity/temperature set point. The unit also manages a series of automatic cycles, such as nozzle cleaning and washing.

The system has the ability to control humidity independently in multiple zones (rooms, AHUs, cold rooms) using a masterslave layout. The layout has one master and multiple slaves (up to 5) connected in a pLAN. The master is fitted with a display for accessing the readings, viewing the status and messages on the master and slaves. The slaves have their own internal controller and can be set to continue operating even if connection to the master is interrupted.