EnVerid HLR 1000 SYSTEM

Each module in the HLR 1000 series is an all-inclusive product containing a cabinet, replaceable sorbent cartridges, and embedded web-accessible controls and sensors. HLR modules are designed to be scalable to any building size and can be used in new construction, renovations, tenant finish-outs, or retrofit to an existing HVAC infrastructure. Each module in the 1000 series provides cleaning capacity for 10,000-25,000 square feet of space, depending on occupant density.  HLR modules can be also be clustered together to provide additional cleaning capacity for open spaces or multiple large zones served by the same air handling unit or units.

Indoor Units

The HLR 1000-15M is designed for indoor use and is installed inside an HVAC mechanical room or air plenum. It easily fits through doorways and elevators and can be configured vertically or horizontally.

Outdoor Units

The HLR 1000-15R is designed for outdoor use, typically on a rooftop. The cabinet is double-walled, insulated, and weather-tight, and deployed in horizontal orientation.