Nexus 1500+

The Nexus® 1500+ power quality meter is a primary and testable revenue meter that provides advanced power quality analysis and synchrophasor outputs. Access this information in both real time and with reports compliant with the IEC 61000-4-30 Class A Edition 3 and EN 50160 international standards. The meter measures voltage transient events at up to 50 MHz speeds. In this way, the Nexus® 1500+ power quality meter provides you with a comprehensive picture of your circuits’ power usage and system reliability. The Nexus® 1500+ power quality meter incorporates advanced metrology. The unit has onboard auto-calibration capability that calibrates its internal circuitry in real time, every 10 seconds. This improves meter accuracy over time and over temperature. Auto-calibrating metrology is ideal for critical metering. Providing highly accurate measurements exceeding the ANSI C12.20 (0.1 Accuracy Class) standard and the IEC 62053-22 (0.2S Class) standard, the Nexus® 1500+ provides an Energy Class accuracy of 0.06%, with typical shipping accuracies of 0.02%. Quickly determine accuracy using the meter’s high speed energy test pulse. In addition, the meter also features a new precision real time clock that offers accuracy of 3.5 ppm or less than 10 seconds per month drift.