MicoFlame Series

MicoFlame Series

MicoFlame is a residential / light commercial water heater / heating boiler. The MicoFlame is sealed combustion and fan assisted, delivering thermal efficiencies of up to 85% non-condensing or 95% condensing.

Standard Features

  • Low NOx
  • Copper Tube Heat Exchanger which meets lead-free regulations
  • Durable metal fiber burner unaffected by high temps
  • Suitable for use in negative pressure environments
  • Complete diagnostic light package
  • Easy access for inspection & cleaning of heat exchanger tubes
  • Durable ceramic fibre refractory
  • Simple to service with easy access to burner and fan

MicoFlame Series 1 Additional Standard Features

  • For Residential/Light Commercial Installations
  • Vents up to 50 feet horizontally with 50 feet of air intake duct
  • Outdoor Sensor complete with SmartFlame (Staging Models 150-300 HTG applications only)
  • Firing Modes: All models available in on/off and 2-stage.  Models 400 and up are also available in modulating (HTG only)

MicoFlame Series 2 and Grande Additional Standard Features

  • For Residential/Light Commercial* and Commercial/Industrial**
  • Vents up to 60 feet horizontally with 60 feet of air intake duct
  • Firing Modes: Models 800-1000 on/off, 2-stage and modulating.  Models 1200-4000 2-stage, 3-stage, 4-stage and modulating (HTG only).