Area of use:

  • processing rooms

Performance range:

  • Direct Expansion operation: capacity up to 115 kW(R404A, Te= -8° C, T1= 0° C, RH = 85%).

  • Brine Operation: capacity up 160 kW(Glycol 30%, TW1= -10 °C, T1= 0 °C, RH = 85%).

  • Ammonia Operation: capacity up 170 kW(NH3, Te= -8 °C, T1= 0 °C, RH = 85%).

Fans Diameter:

  • Ø 500-560-630 mm, AC motor.


  • Fans on top to improve working comfort.
  • The upper air intake does not generate the ascending current.

The Process Dual Flow unit coolers, with on top fans, are used in processing rooms to substantially improve comfort in the working area. Indeed this solution using upper ceiling suction (grey arrow), allows the distribution of the air without generating ascending current and also reducing the sound level of the installed unit.