Pressurised water humidifiers

Pressurised water humidifiers exploit the potential energy transferred to the water by a special volumetric pump in the form of high pressure (generally 70 bars), so as to achieve very fine atomisation through special nozzles.

The most common application of these humidifiers is in AHUs, where the pressurised water distribution system is installed. In industrial environments for processing wood or paper, or in the textiles industry, systems are often used to distribute atomised water directly into the rooms. As well as humidity control, pressurised water atomisers are the best solution for fully exploiting the potential offeredby evaporative cooling, both direct and indirect, inside AHUs or in rooms, as in the case of industrial facilities and large public spaces, such as metropolitan railway stations and airports.

One crucial aspect is the hygiene that pressurised water humidifiers must guarantee in the application where they are used. Management of washing cycles, the materials used and the configuration of the atomised water distribution system are the main features that guarantee CAREL humidifiers comply with the strictest hygiene regulations in force (VDI6022). humiFog multizone represents the new generation in high pressure atomised water humidifiers.

A volumetric pump sends water at high pressure to a distribution system made up of nozzles that atomise the water into very fine droplets, which can be absorbed by the air in a very short space.

Energy saving

The only energy humiFog consumes is used to power the water pump, just 4 watts for every l/h of capacity. Cooling in summer is provided by lowering air enthalpy, while humidification in winter has the advantage of being able to use thermal energy at low temperature. Power consumption is thus minimised. In addition, an inverter is used to modulate pump speed, meaning both more precise control and even lower power consumption.