TKMicro is the best solution for HVAC/R.


  • Thanks to a thorough know-how of air-cooled units ThermoKey is able to develop new products and customized solutions in synergy with its customers.
  • ThermoKey has invested in a state-of-the-art production process both for small batches and large series production.


ThermoKey is a leading company in the production of Microchannel cores in Europe. Cores are used by the main European chiller manufacturers/OEM as well as by ThermoKey inside its air-cooled units.


Microchannel cores are used in the remote condensers and also in the chillers as condensing units or liquid coolers (free-cooling). Specifically in systems as HVAC Chillers, Process Chillers, Data Centre systems, Rooftop systems, Airside Equipements, Food and Beverage and Industrial Process Equipments.


ThermoKey cores, in the various configurations, are compatible with all standard refrigerants (R410A, R134a, R22, R407C, R404, R507A, R245fa), ammonia (R717), propane (R290), R32 (T5>120ÅãC) up to a maximum working pressure of 45 bar and test pressure of 50 bar and water (R718).


ThermoKey can manufactures cores to fit a wide range of dimensions: length from 500mm to 5400mm and height from 450mm to 1300mm.