Airthings HBS Hub

Airthings HBS Hub connects up to 30 battery operated devices through Airthings Smartlink, a long-range and low-power wireless data extraction technology. This allows devices to be distributed around a large building, bringing real-time IAQ data is available to users anytime, anywhere. Airthings HBS Hub will be available with Ethernet or a cellular option.

The Airthings Hub is the heart of the Airthings Ecosystem. It brings one or more supported devices online, providing on-demand access to your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) data at any time, from anywhere! The Hub will connect with Airthings devices with Smartlink, pushing data regularly to your Airthings Dashboard. The Hub supports Airthings SmartLink for long-range data extraction. This allows devices to be distributed around a large building or home and maintain a strong connection. We are offering facility managers, professionals and individuals an advanced solution while maintaining ease of use and setup on your smartphone.