BlueTray 4000

Natron’s BlueTray 4000 in a standard 1U 19-inch rackmount configuration delivers 4kW at 48V DC over a 2-minute discharge with a 6kW peak power rating, recharges in 8-minutes, and can cycle >50,000 times. Based on Natron’s core Prussian Blue battery technology, the Bluetray is UL listed and available for purchase.

Manufactured on Standard Production Lines

Sodium-ion batteries take advantage of standard lithium-ion pouch cell production lines while benefiting from a more sustainable chemistry. Natron’s cells do not rely on rare earth materials like cobalt nor do they have a long, questionable supply chain like lithium. Made from commodity materials including aluminum, iron, manganese, and sodium-ions (~68% of the earth’s surface is covered with salt water) Natron’s cells, modules, and battery represent a responsible alternative to lead and lithium batteries.