Gas Coolers

Area of use:

  • Commercial refrigeration (supermarkets)
  • Industrial refrigeration (production, packaging and distribution)

Performance range:

  • Table-type: 4 to 10 fans, capacity up to 600 kW
  • V-type: 4 to 12 fans, capacity up to 1200 kW


  • 800-910 diameter AC/EC fans

Heat Exchanger:

  • The heat exchangers of the ThermoKey gas cooler guarantee operating pressures of 120bar.
  • Finned pack heat exchangers with copper pipes
  • Stainless steel manifolds
  • Optional evaporating rows for heat recovery


  • The V-shaped structure allows to reduce the installation dimensions.
  • The Evaporative panel system increases capacity and efficiency of transcritical CO2 systems.
  • Adiabatic cooling for an effective operation also in regions with high ambient temperatures.
  • Management of the adiabatic system to minimize water consumption.