3Oe Scientific is a technology company inventing and advancing the science of aqueous ozone for sanitation in the public health and health care spaces. This powerful technology is scalable to multiple products across multiple industries.

3Oe Scientific focuses on enhancing life by bringing good to the human experience through innovative solutions that sanitize and prevent the spread of infection in healthcare and public health. Our revolutionary, patented, aqueous ozone technology sanitizes across multiple environments. Our aim is to save lives and improve the health of humanity through disruptive innovation.

Iggy™ takes oxygen (O) from water (H2O) and concentrates it. When three parts of oxygen come together, it forms tri-oxygen dissolved in the water, and we call that aqueous ozone (O3). Aqueous ozone is a powerful, natural disinfectant. Iggy™ takes this energized water and sprays it through a set of custom nozzles that puts a spin on each water droplet, creating friction when it hits the skin that increases Iggy’s™ effect to remove germs.