Packet Power

Packet Power makes it easier and more affordable for facility managers to track and analyze their energy usage. The company’s power and environmental monitors use a purpose-built wireless network protocol that makes its products easier to install, easier to operate, and more secure than competing solutions. Its software instantly puts the monitoring data into useful context without the lengthy and complex customization required by other applications.

Packet Power offers power monitors that can be used throughout a building, from the utility feeds entering the facility all the way down to an individual device, and can monitor both AC and DC power.

  • Track the operational state of critical devices such as generators, chillers and Automatic Transfer Switches
  • Ensure available power is being used effectively without exceeding circuit-level limits
  • Track compliance with regulations

Packet Power’s range of environmental monitors combine flexibility with exceptionally low costs. The wire-free simplicity of the “stick and go” battery-powered device delivers real-time temperature and humidity data wherever needed. The company offers AC-powered monitors when gathering more temperature points in a defined area is needed.

Packet Power’s secure wireless technology really works.

  • Proprietary protocol does not allow the network to be hijacked for other purposes
  • Monitoring devices are on a separate, unique network that is not visible to devices using protocols such as WiFi or Zigbee
  • Packet Power has never failed to be able to establish a well-performing network including in facilities where other wireless solutions have failed

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