Breathing is the one thing we do consistently throughout our lives from start to finish. Our team prides itself in providing the best-in class air that is affordable and accessible to everyone. Traditional HVAC air filters haven’t been innovated in decades and are fundamentally designed to protect the equipment first, not humans. We’ve designed the CleanAir Safety System with a human first approach that provides HEPA class air while protecting HVAC systems and without increasing strain or energy consumption.

The CleanAir Safety System utilizes a state-of-the-art electromagnetic field and sensor technology to ensure that every breath you take is clean, safe, and monitored.

The smart HVAC air filtration system that captures and kills

→ Capture and kill what others can’t

→ Reduce energy consumption by up to 10%

→ Reduce filter changes by more than 50%

→ Keep your employees and customers safe, happy, and thriving