“When an HVAC system goes down, occupants want relief and mechanical contractors want to provide a solution as quickly as possible.”

  • Our Chillers are stocked for faster installation and commissioning capabilities and come with the peace of mind that a 140-year track record of engineering excellence offers.  Quantech chillers are smaller, lighter, and quieter than older, legacy chillers and they demand less maintenance.  They also offer a 18-50% in annual energy costs due to the improved efficiency performance over older designs.
  • Quantech air-cooled chillers are inventoried in our logistics center near Dallas, TX. These chillers are loaded on a truck and on their way within 24 hours of order. Working with Quantech, end users and contractors can minimize downtime and restore comfort quickly.
  • Johnson Controls’ 140 years of engineering backs up the dependable, strong track record of Quantech chillers.