Max Heat

When temperatures start to drop, Samsung HVAC is always up to the challenge. With higher efficiency and high heating performance at -13°F (-25°C), our innovative and robust Max Heat® 2.0 and FJM Max Heat® are ideal solutions for any residential, light commercial, or commercial project.

Residential Max Heat

When the weather outside is frightful, the Max Heat® 2.0 unit keeps you comfortable with higher efficiency, longer pipe lengths and improved operating temperatures.


With a higher capacity outdoor unit, higher efficiency and even more indoor unit options, the Free Joint Multi (FJM) Max Heat® is built to perform—and outperform—on a whole new level.

Light Commercial

Our light commercial Max Heat® products provide high heating performance at -13°F (-25°C) to keep you comfortable.


With the ability to produce 100% heating capacity at -13°F (-25°C), our DVM S Max Heat® systems are a smart solution for commercial buildings in areas that experience low outdoor ambient temperature.