Commercial Air Handlers

Bosch Commercial Air Handler

Bosch Model AH Air Handlers are equipped for both outdoor and indoor applications while boasting some of the most innovative technology and quality features on the market. Perhaps the most defining feature of the Bosch AH Commercial Air Handler is the innovative cabinet design. Double wall panels on a framework of aluminum supports and galvanized steel base, are unique due to their dual suitability for both indoor or outdoor installations. The Model AH has a unique folded-panel design with sections joined using a double tongue-and-groove joint, along with complex gasketing, which ensures maximum air tightness and thermal break. This is currently the most effective solution on the market today.  These units are built with your installation needs in mind. They can be configured for different inlet and outlet locations for easy duct connection and can be delivered fully assembled or in sections to accommodate space restrictions.  Whether your application is for an indoor return air handler, a 100% outside air conditioning unit or incorporating a heat recovery module Bosch Model AH's will provide a quality, cost effective solution.